08 December 2009

in hong hong, part 2...

My stepmother's vertigo is gone, and it's nice to have her up and about. She's happy to have me visit, and with her around, my dad lays off a bit. He still tells me several times a day how selfish I am because I won't get married and have children (selfish?), but at least it's only a few times a day.

It's a little backwards to have my own parent treat me like a criminal, especially when it's completely undeserved. Stepmom wanted to give me a piece of her jewelry, and dad told her not to since I'd never appreciate it. I just don't get my family sometimes.

I think Dad says and does the things he does because he thinks it'll help me. I asked why he always seems so dissatisfied and thinks I'm trying to cheat or rob him when I so rarely ask anything of him. He said that every parent wants to make sure his/her child is safe and happy, and this was his way of showing concern. Knowing that makes it easier to deal with it somehow.

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