29 June 2007

28 June 2007

It's called a "Chew" for a reason, woman

Some people have way too much time on their hands:

Victoria McArthur, a Michigan woman, claims that Starburst Fruit Chews are not only chewy (as their name indicates), but criminally chewy.

Fox News reports that after biting into a lemon candy (which, incidentally, is their most popular flavor) in 2005, the woman's bottom and top rows of teeth stuck together, causing her jaw to become misaligned when she attempted to open her mouth. She is now claiming to have a condition known as temporal mandibular joint dysfunction and is blaming it on the candy.

McArthur is suing the Mars Corporation, the maker of Starburst Fruit Chews, for $25,000 to pay for her rehabilitation. She is also wishing to be compensated for her pain and suffering, as she is now having trouble eating, sleeping, and talking.

Citing "personal permanent injury" in her lawsuit, she told Fox News "I don't want to see anybody else have to go through what I have gone through from eating a piece of candy that was supposed to be soft chew."

Martin + Osa

I was sad to see Forthe & Town close it doors. This is my new obsession (for now):

Martin + Osa

Love it.

25 June 2007

Common sense says

It's good to know that the justice system still recognizes frivolous lawsuits like this one:

Roy L. Pearson, an administrative law judge, originally sought $67 million from the Chung family, owners of Custom Cleaners. He claimed they lost a favorite pair of his suit trousers and later tried to give him a pair that were not his.

Custom Cleaners did not violate the city's Consumer Protection Act by failing to live up to Pearson's expectations of the "Satisfaction Guaranteed" sign displayed in the store window, Superior Court Judge Judith Bartnoff ruled.

[Pearson] calculated the amount of damages by estimating years of violations, then adding almost $2 million in common-law claims for fraud.

More jokes

from B:

A dyslexic guy walks into a bra.

A mushroom walks into a bar. Bartender takes a look at him and says, "I can't serve you."
Mushroom replies, "Why not? I'm a fun guy."

A joke for you

courtesy of B. The setup:

A water molecule walks into a bar and says to the bartender, "I lost an electron."

The bartender says, "Are you sure??"

The water molecule says "I'm positive."

The followup:

So neutron walks into a bar, and the bartender says "For you, no charge."

24 June 2007

On the V Train

I like New York best when it's like this.

I took these almost a year ago. I was coming home from work late at night, and for the first time in a long time, I felt I had the whole city to myself. For almost my entire trip home, there was no one else on the subway platform or in the cars with me.


I was in Philadelphia to celebrate CKY's 30th birthday (Even if I was a week late. Sorry!)

CKY's friends hosted a "Bad Taste 80s Party" at Bar Noir. As I was talking to one of CKY's friends, a photographer asked if he could take a picture of us for a Philly nightlife website:

Photographers have asked to take pictures of my friends and me when we're out in NYC, but usually the pictures aren't cool enough to make the cut for the NYC nightlife websites. It's funny that this picture managed to make the cut in Philly. I must be living in the wrong city. Either that, or it wasn't me that made the cut, but CKY's friend. :-)

Anyhoo, we were definitely not the most glamorous of the people at Bar Noir that night, but if you want to contribute to the number of hits we get on our photo, feel free to go to this link.

(BTW, I know I look drunk, but I had almost nothing to drink that night. I think it was really warm in the bar.)

17 June 2007

All Carbon visits Pookie and Ann in NC

Wow, what a great weekend. We didn't do much besides grill and lounge by the pool.

My flight was delayed for over 3 hours on my way back to New York, so I read The Glass Castle cover the cover. It's a great book.

10 June 2007

What kind of finale is that?

I stopped watching the Sopranos a few seasons ago. No, it wasn't because I couldn't hack the gratuitous violence or nudity. That was the interesting part. I couldn't take the drama. It felt forced. Everything was drawn out and way too melodramatic for my taste. So, I quit the show.

I watched the finale of the Sopranos (talk about melodramatic, the show's finale's been drawn out for years), and it was surprisingly good. I was engaged. I could buy into it (even the part where AJ's SUV catches on fire). I loved the addition of the orange tabby to the cast. I thought, hey, maybe I made a huge mistake not having watched this show for the past 2 years. It's good!

Then, we get to the final scene. I was digging it for reals. Journey's Don't Stop Believin' was an ironic and perfect juxtoposition to the Soprano family dinner, especially given Meadow's earlier conversation with Tony, AJ's identity crisis and warped sense of entitlement and lack of work ethic.. I was starting to wonder who was going to be the one to off the family, and...

Say what? That did not just happen. Wow.

Was it brilliant and artistic? Probably. Was it fucking annoying? Most definitely. To quote Tony Soprano, "I'm a little miffled, but..."

'Sopranos' finale: Do not attempt to adjust your set

07 June 2007

Ah, crap

I did it again.

I stopped in at Barbara Bui and walked out with something similar to this in a lovely cream color. This, I took off the Needless Markup website. The one I got at the BB boutique is less of a bucket shape and more of a "squarer" shape so I can use it as my briefcase for work.

Okay, no more handbags. I mean it. Really.

Uh, help?

06 June 2007

Lessons from Jurassic Park and King Kong

Yeah, I know those are movies, but the moral of the story is -- mess with nature and it'll fuck you up. This just seems weird, wrong and unnatural (obviously):

An exotic cat with the looks of a mini-leopard and a whopping $22,000 (11,000 pound) price tag has joined a crowded designer pet market that also features hypoallergenic kittens. The Ashera is the result of blending the African Serval and the Asian Leopard Cat with a domestic cat, creating what Los Angeles-based Lifestyle Pets described this week as "the world's largest, rarest and most exotic domestic cat." With tiger stripes and leopard-like spots, Ashera is pictured on the company's Web site wearing a diamond studded collar. It grows up to 30 pounds and sports fearsome teeth but the company says it gets along with other pets and children and takes well to being walked on a leash.

Check out the pictures: http://lifestylepets.com/gallery.html

05 June 2007

Catherine Malandrino sample sale


They have the cutest things.

On the used car market

I need a slightly bigger car with better hauling capabilities, more cargo space, and all wheel drive. I don't know anything about cars, but this is what I have in mind so far. Please share if any of you have input or advice -- remember that I'm looking for a used car, so it'll probably be pre-2005.

Chevrolet Equinox
Jeep Liberty
Nissan Xterra
Subaru Forester

Footbed of grass, anyone?

In case you want to run out and get your own pair of astroturfs, here's the link to Piperlime.

01 June 2007

Cheatin' cheetahs

Study says female cheetahs sleep around.

Think that's why they're called cheetahs?

(Sorry, that was so bad that I just couldn't resist.)