23 February 2010

BlogHer interviews Matthew Gasteier, creator of "F U, Penguin" blog


I'll admit, I lizzed a bit

One of the funnier websites I've seen lately. I'll admit to a bit of lizzing when I saw it.

Fuck You, Penguin

22 February 2010

Engrish license plate

F reports she saw an Asian lady driving a Lexus with a license plate that read My Rexus.

18 February 2010

It's not just my fingers that need exercise

My brain needs work too! I just signed on for a free trial on Limosity today, and the website is pretty awesome. I think I'll spend 15 minutes each morning flexing my mental muscles. After taking a few brain tests and doing poorly on them, I sure need all the help I can get!

07 February 2010

If you are stolen, please call the polrice.

As many of you know, my dad has been staying with me for the last few weeks to help me out with my hip surgery. While he's US educated, has lived in the US for almost 15 years and has worked for a number of American companies, he still sometimes gets his words ("R"s and "L"s) and idioms a bit mixed up. After five weeks in Hong Kong and spending time with my dad, I can report that the pictures on www.engrish.com happen more often than not.