02 December 2006

Just in the nick of time

I did it.

Remember how I mentioned HC and I stopped in Barbara Bui last week (because I saw a gorgeous bag in the window display and had to take a closer look)?

Well, I went back, dragging B with me. To say I have to drag B anywhere when shopping is involved isn't just a gross exaggeration, it's a blatant lie. B loves to shop, and I'm usually the one being dragged somewhere to look at various articles of clothing or accessories. This may sound strange, but I hate to shop and will normally only do it out of necessity (aka the "in-and-out") or when I know exactly what I want and am looking to see if such a thing actually exists. Very rarely will I see something that I adore that I don't need or wasn't looking for, but if I'm still thinking about it after a week, I go back and buy it. It was my lucky day. Barbara Bui was having a one-day sale where almost all bags and shoes were discounted 40%.

The assistant store manager, a fabulous man, recognized me immediately and asked where HC was. (Apparently, she was still sleeping, since she text messaged me around 4pm to tell me she had just woken up and was going to buy paint for her new room.) He was kind enough to tell me that there was only one quilted bag left (the larger one, in cognac), which he was hoping to buy for his sister if it was still left at the end of the day. Should he pull it off display for me?

Yes, of course yes.

Not only did he remember me, but he was just a friendly and helpful as I remembered, bringing out bags in styles he thought I'd like and striking a pose as he modelled each one on his shoulder or arm. At one point, he exclaimed, "My goodness, what I am doing still trotting this around?" Apparently, he had gone back to working on the store displays with a forgotten handbag still on his arm. He really was adorable.

There was also a pair of boots that I would have happily taken home with me -- the assistant store manager very sweetly offered suggestions on how they ought to be worn (could he tell that I'm horrible at dressing myself?) -- but they had entirely sold out of my size. Apparently, there had been a run on the boots since Kate Hudson was seen wearing them in October. (Of course I had to come home and google it.) Bummer.

B told me later that there was bag drama while I was elsewhere trying on boots. A woman came in asking about the bag and was unhappy to hear I had the last one. She demanded B tell her whether there would be a chance that I would not buy the bag (obviously, until I actually paid for it, there's a chance I wouldn't buy it) and then insisted on standing over the it until she saw me pay for it. The assistant store manager, being fabulously smart, asked me for my credit card and left both the bag and card at the register.

Anyhoo, I bit the bullet and bought the bag, and I LOVE IT! I didn't even notice that there was a woman who was eyeing me and the bag like a hawk as I paid for it (I don't always pay attention to when people stare or talk), but B noticed. Drama.

I hope my next bag is going to be black; I seem to be stuck in a brown bag rut.

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  1. It's true. You don't have to drag me to go shopping. It's so pathetic, I'll even willingly join you on a trip to Home Depot... Or Lowes... What the hell am I going to buy at a Home Improvement Warehouse for our tiny 650 sq.ft. apt??? Seriously??? But it's fun to go shopping with AC. The salespeople all talk to her. They must know she has more money than me... Although I'm sure they cannot tell this from her wardrobe. We're still trying to uncover the mystery of how she attracts the wicked expensive store salespeople. Maybe it's b/c she touches everything and they want to make sure she doesn't harm the pricey merchandise??