05 December 2006

Still looking

found: 1 pair of white gold and sapphire earrings (!)

lost and still looking: 1 RUNNING MOJO. Reward offered if found.

I clocked a slow 3.75 miles on the treadmill tonight. I should have run more, but I got bored and...stopped.

D and T (D's gf) are off to London this week, and then he's off on location with his famous movie star client the week after. SL (pilates instructor) is gone all next week shooting a fitness video for Shape magazine. Guess I'll be on my own the next two weeks. I need to figure out how to snap out of this lazy funk.


  1. You found your earrings? YAY! Where were they?

  2. I'm too embarrassed to say. You'll just make fun of me.

  3. how about we take a day off from work and go skiing/boarding? ;-) (assuming we get some snow, of course)

  4. you have to say where you found your earrings! the suspense is killing me-
    franu (forgot login info again)