05 December 2006

Safari Planet (that's CRAZY!)

Here's a clip of when Brian Fellow thought rabbits couldn't cut hair. Of course rabbits can cut hair. Duh. That's CRAZY!

Here's a clip of when a parrot tried to steal Brian Fellow's identity. Stupid bird. That's CRAZY!

Here's a clip of when a goat with devil-eyes called Brian Fellow a doo-doo head because he thought goats couldn't talk. That's CRAZY!

In case you haven't noticed, this was just an excuse for me to show my favorite Tracy Morgan character when he was on SNL. That's CRAZY! And, he's hilarious.


  1. I once had a parrot try to use my credit card to buy stereo equipment. NOT. COOL.

  2. Hey T,

    That's CRAZY.

    Welcome back to Stateside.

  3. i freaking love brian fellows.

    he was my 2nd favorite character to the other Morgan speciality, "Astronaut Jones"

  4. Glad to be back, Ms. Carbon. I owe you a phone call.

    I don't remember Astronaut Jones, but I do remember "Toonces, The Cat Who Could Drive A Car." Utterly stupid at the time, but now I remember Toonces fondly.

  5. My favorite part is when he says, "I'm Brian Fellows" in response to just about everything.