29 November 2006

Now THIS is a puny pony

My car's name is Puny Pony because it's literally (no, not figuratively) small in all respects, but this puny pony beats all. I shit you not, this is real.

Thanks for sending it to me, RC!

Standing just 17 inches tall ... the tiny mare is so small she would struggle to leap over a bucket.

But such things are of little concern for feisty Thumbelina who has just been officially recognised as the world's smallest horse.

The five-year-old received the title from the Guinness Book of Records after her astonished owners realised she was never going to grow any bigger.
'When she was young she found the dog kennels and decided she wanted to bed-in with the dogs, rather than with bigger horses...
'She spends all her time playing with the spaniels, but we have to try and stop her grazing on grass, because she is not allowed to eat too much.'
Thumbelina survives on a cup of grain and handful of hay, served twice-a-day.

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  1. You changed the title of the entry! Puny is so derogatory...Thumbelina is so cute! when i go blind please get me a seeing eye pony.