24 November 2006

Rock Paper Scissor anyone?

Check out the World Rock Paper Scissor Society which hosts an annual Rock Paper Scissor World Championship.


  1. I used to be pretty good at RPS back in the day, but I haven't practiced in a long time. I'm probably too old now. Is there fantasy league or anything?

    Good thing they have 2 refs. I personally think they are making a mistake viewing the action from the same angle. They will have to rely on instant replay more often.

  2. i'm sorry, i was busy snorting water out of my nose. a fantasy league, you say? perhaps we should start one.

  3. From Bloomberg:

    Dec. 7 (Bloomberg) -- The British Broadcasting Corp. hosts
    its annual Sports Personality of the Year ceremony on Dec. 10. (...)the selection committee should cast a wider net than in previous years. (...) The BBC needs to employ a more imaginative definition of the word ``sport'' in its choosing the nominees for its award. Here are my picks.

    Bob `The Rock' Cooper, World Rock-Paper-Scissors Champion
    Bob Cooper, a 28-year old sales manager from London, beat
    500 competitors in Toronto last month at the fifth annual World
    Rock-Paper-Scissors Championship, playing ``scissors'' for his
    winning move. His victory snapped a four-year winning streak for
    Canadian players at the game, in which scissors trumps paper,
    paper wraps rock, and rock defeats scissors.
    ``Strategy is everything,'' Cooper says on his Web site.
    ``It's not about predicting what your opponent will throw, it's
    about predicting what your opponent predicts you'll throw, fool.
    It takes years, no, make that decades, to hone your Rock Paper
    Scissors skills. Years of blood, sweat and tears.''
    More than 580 people have filled in an online petition
    asking the BBC to reopen nominations and include Cooper. Cooper's
    enthusiasm for his chosen sport makes him a worthy contender.