15 November 2006

Best steak I've ever had in this city

D turns 35 Saturday. To celebrate, G and I treated him and T (his girlfriend) to dinner at The Strip House. Dude. Best steak I've had in this city so far. Considering my industry and client base, that says a lot.

The restaurant had a nice feel. There was none of that cigar and wood-panelled decor and old boys club feel that annoys me about most quality steakhouses. Instead, the proprieters played up the restaurant's name with a burlesque theme -- framed pictures of burlesque performers against the blood-red wallpaper. Clever.

The service was a little slow. It was a Wednesday night, and we arrived 15 minutes early for our 9:30 reservation and weren't seated until 10pm when D and G started getting antsy. The thing about being 6' tall and over 200lbs of pure muscle (six pack and all) is that it comes with a raging metabolism. Add an 6'3" tall person with a similar physique, and it suddenly sucks twice as hard to have to wait to eat when you're hungry. That poor maitre'd -- it must be intimidating to have two tall beefy men standing over you demanding to know why they have to wait 45 minutes for a table when they arrived at 9:15. He apologized profusely and explained that a few tables had already paid but were lingering, and he couldn't make them leave. D asked, "Do you want to me to talk to them?" and made a move as if to walk to the table. It sounds harmless in print, but if you've ever seen D, you'd realize how scary that looks. The expression on the maitre'd's face was funny. Needless to say, we were comped drinks and dessert.

If you have the chance to go, get the strip steak. It's what the place is known for, and it's the best steak I've had in this city so far. It's done impressively well. For desert, try the chocolate cake. It's amazing. (Just order one. The thing is huge.)

Excluding our comped cocktails and the amazing chocolate cake, dinner for four (4 steaks, various sides and wine) came to approximately $500. The food was so good we all overate. Afterwards, I practically had to roll myself home.

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