02 January 2009

Not getting arrested seems like a good start to a new year as any

Happy 2009!

New Year's Eve was quite an adventure this year. I'm not sure how things got so crazy that I almost got arrested -- maybe it had to do with the knowledge that I didn't have to go to work on January 2nd so I wasn't worried about being completely hung over on January 1. Or, maybe I just don't have a reason at all. Because I swear I didn't think I had had that much to drink until the next morning when I could barely make it out of bed.

My night started out tame enough with an early dinner and mojitos at Son Cubano with Pookie, A and W.

After pigging out on awesome Cuban food, we headed to Carroll Gardens to M and L's apartment. Recently engaged J and C were there as well. Some rum and cokes were consumed.

I left Brooklyn around 11pm so I could drop by A's event. He and a friend were hosting a dinner party at an apartment right off of Washington Square Park. Unfortunately, I couldn't hang too long as I had promised I would meet B so we could cross into the new year together.

I headed to the Red Lion around 11:30. B was already waiting for me with J, P and J.

It was hot in the Red Lion. Much dancing ensued, which didn't help. Hence, copious amounts of scotch were consumed (courtesy of J) in an effort to counteract the heat, and probably because I wasn't thinking about how much consumption was occuring.

We left the Red Lion around 4am. Shortly afterwards, I was almost arrested. But, I wasn't arrested.

Not being arrested seems like a good a start to a new year as any! Happy new year!

For more pictures of New Year's Eve, click here.

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