04 January 2009

Cooking Sundays

Since I've stopped generating income (I am starting to track how many different ways I can say unemployment without actually saying it), I've been eating at home a lot more. Well, actually pretty much all the time.

It's unusual coming from a person who used to only keep a carton of egg whites, a box of All Bran and some mixed greens in the fridge because she rarely ate at home. When I did eat or cook at home, it was just scrambled egg whites over mixed greens which I ate standing over the kitchen sink.

Now that I actually cook at home, I find myself getting sick of the same old same old. I've started planning my days and meals, keeping a mental grocery list, and getting creative with how to use leftovers.

Today, I made chocolate pudding -- dessert for the next three days. For lunch, I made a bacon, pear, egg white, grilled cheese sandwich. Pears, cheese and bacon sounded so good together, and I was pretty happy with the results. Ok, the egg whites were kind of random. But, I had to pretend to be healthy somehow!

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