23 October 2009

Fall in Durango

I spent the morning having coffee and walking around Durango, CO.  Now that I'm in southern Colorado, the weather is milder.  It was sunny, dry and in the high 50s, and the fall colors were in full effect.

From Durango

I stopped in at the Old Tymer's Cafe for lunch.  While there, I met a handful of  retired or close to retired California transplants.  Meeting retired folk is what happens when one has lunch on a Thursday afternoon at the local pub... :-)

Lunch was an O'Dell's porter (it's considered a local beer in Colorado) and a tortilla burger (nothing more than a cheeseburger with tortillas instead of a bun).  There's a bunch of microbreweries around here.  Interestingly, one of the more popular ones is Ska brewery.  Hmmm.

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