01 January 2010

New moon

would have certainly been more exciting had it been two hours of ass cheeks mooning me on the big screen. I promised L right before the holidays that I would watch New Moon with her, and she held me to that promise. I spent the first day of 2010 subjected to a painful parade of empty stares, pregnant pauses and cliche expressions monotonously and robotically voiced by Kristen Stewart and Robert Patti-whatshisname. The only good part of the movie was Taylor Lautner, who was surprisingly talented given the scope of his role. The movie dragged on and on only to come to no conclusion. Having read all the Twilight books, I can confidently say it isn't the story that sucks. Nor do I mind vampires, shapeshifters, the pacific northwest, etc. It's the screenplay that doesn't do the story any justice.

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