06 March 2009

Why I live above the Mason Dixon line

I think I've been living in NYC too long. I thought the people in the following exchange were being ironic and sarcastic:

Jami: Hi Amy...I have enjoyed reading your profile and looking at your pics. When did you get saved? I can see you love the Lord and I'm sooo happy for you. God bless!

Amy: Hi Jami. The Lord is my Rock and my Redeemer. Girl, I was saved in the 5th grade at a Baptist Revival and baptized in Deep Creek in the middle of January! It was just awesome. I've only learned in the last 5 years what it really means to live for Him! My life is so blessed as a result! God is good, all the time!

And then, I realized that the exchange was sincere. It was between two of B's old grade school friends from Lake City, FL. Thanks to the miracle of Facebook, B and I are reminded of why we live above the Mason Dixon line.

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